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Complete Air cargo management including all the necessary documentations like Air waybill (AWB), House Air Waybill (HAWB) etc. for total control over your operations.

  • Booking
  • AWB & HAWB, Direct, Consolidation and Back To Back Shipments
  • Domestic Shipment
  • AWB / HAWB Stock
  • Flight Schedule
  • Freight Rates (Buying / Selling / Quotation)
  • Airline Commission
  • Incentives, Commission & Profit Sharing
  • Direct Posting in Accounts
  • Shipment Forms, MIS Reports, User Configurable Documents.
  • Auto Pre-Alert to Affiliate Company for shipment
  • Operation/Financial Locking System
  • e-AWB
  • WIN Integration (For WCA Members)
  • AES (For US Customs)
The module is designed to meet all the requirements for processing shipments, right from booking to settlement of payment

It is tightly integrated with other modules sot that all information flows from operations to billing and client reporting seamlessly.
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