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Logi-Sys is comprehensive web-based software for the Logistics Industry. It is robust, flexible secure and scalable to your needs. It is an enterprise-level modular architecture that fully integrates all processes with plug-and-play ease. It is available in two different deployment model i.e. On-Demand (Pay per use) and On-Premise (Perpetual License).

The On-Demand is suitable for businesses that do not intend to make upfront investment in IT infrastructure and third party software solutions. The pay-as-you-go subscription model harnesses the power of cloud technology to make available shared resources, thus reducing your infrastructure overheads.

It entails Lower support and maintenance costs and you do not have to worry about keeping a system up and running. You do not have to worry about matters like backup, recovery, upgrades, security, performance, business continuity and support. The complete Security of data is taken care of by us.

Deployment is "On-Demand", with no gestation period required.

The Perpetual License Model is best suited for businesses that intend to purchase license of the software for its use. Under this model software can be installed on your own servers located in your premises or data centers as per your choice. You have the complete ownership and control of data. The hardware infrastructure acquisition, hardware maintenance costs will be managed by you.

Your IT team can manage the system better as they know your system well than anyone else. Licensed platform is ideal for medium to large companies that require greater control. The control of the software application including security, upgrades and fixes are under your discretion.

Logi-Sys licensed model has the shortest gestation period and can be implemented within days.

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